uc browser apk For Android Updated v13.4.0 Version

UC Browser apk found fame in its initial few days as a web browser that could optimize web pages content for mobile devices thereby lowering data usage and loading times. The handy mobile application is now available for downloading as a PC version for Windows. The PC version retains features similar to the Android application with a dedicated download manager, themes, add-ons, and UC’s own cloud sync with free UC cloud storage.

The PC version is available in two different forms, an international version, and an Indian version. UC offers the Indian version with preloaded UC cricket add-on. The preloaded add-on offers a direct access to live cricket scorecards and matches. The international version is packed with features that add to its functionality as a browser.

The PC version of the application, just like other products of UC, is designed to connect people to the internet through an application that can make the process as convenient as possible. The PC version validates this, as it serves as a cross-platform application that holds user information available through mobile and PC device.

Of all the features available, one of the most striking and important features is the Cloud Sync available in the PC version. Cloud Sync is a cloud storage tool within the browser wherein the user can access all their bookmarks and favorited tabs on other devices that have UC installed. With a dedicated download manager, the application has high-speed downloads that can be paused and resumed as per the requirement. Using an integrated file browser, all downloaded are accessed and organized.

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Key Features Of UC Browser apk Latest version Download

  • Web Browser apk based on Google’slight Chromium algorithm
  • As it based on a mobile device application, it is easy to use
  • User interface is accessible to all through speed dial
  • Themes for customizing the look-and-feel of the browser
  • Private browsing via incognito mode
  • Dedicated download manager with high-speed downloads
  • Different encodings available
  • Developer options for various advanced level features
  • Data synchronization in the background via UC Cloud Sync
  • Additional storage space on offer via UC Cloud Sync
  • Added privacy options for better security
  • Pre-enabled ad-blocker to restrict data usage

Main Pros and Cons


  • Reduced Loading times as photos and links are preloaded by the application to save on data usage.
  • Retain previous tabs and bookmarks between mobile and PC using UC Browser’s cloud sync option.


  • The website suggestions that appear in the search bar are not related to previous history or searches rather based on sponsored suggestions
  • During the install, the application directly imports extensions, bookmarks, and related data from your previous browser without any permission.

Most Common Users: Web browser for Android are used by all the people who know how to access the internet, be it teenagers, young adults, business professionals, or retired personnel. Teenagers that download content online for their personal use will most often find use from the application.

Author Note: The PC version of the UC Browser apk does not fail to deliver just like its mobile client. With all its customizations and reliability as a browser, it is a must-have web browsing application.

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