Snapchat for PC Download & Install (Windows 7, 8, 8.1)

Snapchat for PC is a very popular application among youngsters these days. It is a unique app for sharing photos to a person or a group of people. The images you shared are self-destroyed or permanently deleted after a particular time which is set by the user himself. People also share pictures of texts which are not easily readable on small mobile phone screens so there is a need for this cool tool where you can see the text on bigger screen clearly.  The app is winning millions of hearts, and people want to use it on their desktop computers and pcs.

For using the software all you need is an android emulator.  Android emulator enables our PC to work as an Android device.  As a result, Android applications work on PC as well. To use the PC version, an Android emulator named blue stacks is required which allows you to enjoy apps like Snapchat on bigger screens.

snapchat download for PC

Jonathan May and Evan Spiegel developed the software as a large photo and messaging application.

Snapchat for PC / Windows 7, 8 Full Version 32/64 Bit

Key Features Of Snapchat for PC

  • It is a much more convenient and reliable to use as there is much bigger storage for other applications.
  • With the tool, you can enjoy all the photo sharing and chat fun on a bigger screen.
  • It immediately launches the camera whenever you open the app; you can take snaps and share them in run time.
  • By using your PC’s camera, you can take better quality pictures and videos and send them to your friends.
  • You can customize your settings based on whom you want to share your photos with.
  • It integrates your contacts and informs you about your contacts that are already using the tool
  • You can make new friends and add them, share snaps with them and have much more fun.
  • The comments on shared snaps are removed automatically after a set time and thus it turns into a fleeting fun conversation.
  • You can create small stories by adding multiple images and share them with your loved ones.
  • It also provides filtering tools to adjust your snaps and to adjust the timer of image self -destruction.
  • It prevents other users to share your pictures with someone else hence respect your privacy. It also notifies you if someone takes a screenshot of your shared snaps.
  • Another new feature added is video chatting. All you need to do is log in to your snapchat account, have some text conversation with that person, and then you will be able to have a video chat with him.
  • There is a feature provided by the developers which will enable you to navigate up and down on your PC screens and see your friend’s activities, real time as well as their past activities.
  • You need an Android emulator to use it. Another Android emulator which can be utilized instead of blue stacks is Andy.

Supported OS Snapchat for PC

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Mac

Author note

Instead of using snapchat laptop on your small dull mobile screens, now you can enjoy it on your PC with much more fun.

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