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microsoft office 2010 free download full version for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1. Do you use presentations a lot? If you do, then you might want a software which makes your work a lot easier. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 latest version has everything needed to make professional slide shows. As with other Microsoft software applications, working with PowerPoint 2010 full version free download is a piece of cake. If you are a regular Windows user, then you will get around even easier. The 2010 version of this software is probably the best among all the releases. It has a ton of new features and slides animations. It has everything you need without a complicated interface.

Slideshows have been a great tool to get your message across in few words. It comes with a lot of themes. It also has the auto animate ability. The software can solve most of your slideshow problems. It gives you the ability to decide permissions for the users. You can also manage the versions using the version control system. The software has alternate tabs to work on specific parts in your slideshow.

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Features Microsoft office 2010 Full Version

  • There are so many design themes available. You can use a theme for your presentation.
  • The built-in themes are customizable. Font color and background can be easily changed.
  • Presentations can be merged and compared.
  • Automatic version control system is available in this version. It makes it easy to keep track of the changes in your presentation versions.
  • The presentations can be co-authored with your group.
  • You have the ability to multi-task. You can work on different slides in different windows.
  • Using PowerPoint web apps, you can work on your presentations over the web.
  • This version of the application is also available for Windows Phone 7. You can work on slides from your phone.
  • You can put video clips in your presentations. You can insert images too. This makes your slides easy to understand and powerful.
  • In case you insert a video, image or audio clip the software creates a related tab. This allows you to work easily on your insert.
  • You can trim, cut or join different video clips. This can be done using built-in options.
  • You can also link to video clips on the internet.
  • Several textures are available for images. You can also remove backgrounds and crop-specific parts.
  • There is the smart art gallery available with a new layout. This gallery is extremely helpful and saves a lot of surfing.
  • The animated effects can also be copied from one object and applied to another.
  • The software makes it very easy to add screenshots in slides.
  • You can turn your work into a video. You can also make the presentations portable. These portable versions are very easy to share.
  • This version gives you the ability to broadcast your slideshows easily.
  • office 2010 crack has a lot of built-in transitions available. These transition styles make your slide look more professional. You also have the ability to make custom transition styles. Implementing a style over several slides or objects at once is as simple as copy/pasting.

Operating System:

  • Windows
  • Mac

Authors Note: Using microsoft office 2010 free download full version makes it easy to work on multiple slides with your team. It is a great tool to make your message easy to interpret and spread it across the world.

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