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Microsoft office 2010 for desktop, pc computer is available here! Who has dealt with Office before? Well, the right answer would be virtually everybody. Every single person that has worked and used a computer for either personal or work related issues has stumbled upon Office. Since its release in 1992, this set of productivity applications has been growing considerably and is now setting the pace for tools of its kind. We can almost say that it sets the industry standards. Its reach is far, as almost all of the work we do on a computer ends up connecting at some point in time with the Office bundle.

Microsoft Office 2010 Full Version Free Download has been created on the heritage of its predecessors, and it has been this success that fueled its own growth and stability. It introduces enchantments and features that users will find helpful. It is a major leap for Office 2007 as a new approach is now available and a lot of customizations have been made possible.

microsoft office 2010 free download with product key

It is also the landmark for Office Online as it replaces the Office Web Apps (an online tool that consisted of Word, OneNote, Excel, and PowerPoint).

What can it do?

To put it in just a few words, it’s loaded with goodies. It holds the keys to the productivity kingdom:

  • Create and modify
  • Manage all tasks, big or small
  • Interact and meet
  • Individual work and collaborations
  • Keep your partners and colleagues close
  • Powerful presentation tools

Full SCREENSHOT review of office 2010

Office 2010 Full Version

Office 2010 Full Version

Office 2010 Full Version

The tools, described

It all looks really good from afar but how does it work, and what makes it tick? Let’s look at the tools that Office 2010 full version has to offer. With the help of these and the integration, they come with all things are achievable:

  • Word – A must have text editor whose functions incorporate everything (yes I do mean everything)
  • Excel – This is the mother of spreadsheets (calculator, pivot tables, and even a macro programming language)
  • PowerPoint – Presenting is what this tool does, and it smashes it (slide, animations, multiple objects per slide, special effects for pictures, and much more)
  • OneNote – Putting all of it together is what it this tool is about, as it is mostly used for collaboration purposes
  • Outlook – It is so much more than mail, consider this program as your personal information manager (tasks, calendar, alerts)
  • Access – A “light” DBMS (database management system) which features a graphical user interface
  • InfoPath – Design and distribute electronic forms that contain structured data
  • Share Point – The place where collaboration takes place, a tool that can be used off-line and off-network
  • Project – This is the Swiss-army knife of the PMOs, it’s their bread and butter
  • Visio – A sophisticated application that allows for diagrams and other technical graphic content to be designed
  • Skype for Business – An instant messenger that connects the work environment

Updated and redesigned features

Office 2010 full version has made the jump forward using these features that give it an edge:

  • A new user interface – The file tab and the backstage view gather all of the desired functionality and put it to work
  • The ribbon – It was introduced in 2007 but it is now fully customizable allowing the addition of commands
  • Co-author – Working as a group is made possible by this feature (remotely stored files can be accessed and changed by more individuals while keeping consistency)
  • Security – File validations make sure documents conform to an XML schema
  • Protected view – A sandbox-like environment that keeps malicious files isolated
  • Graphics – Background removal, cropping improvements and custom artist effects
  • Hardware acceleration – Machines that have a DirectX 9.0 compliant GPU can benefit from this
  • Text to speech and language preferences – Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Outlook can run text to speech

Wrapping up with style

There isn’t much else to say when talking about this product. Sure Office 2010 free download full version offers much more, but we only have a limited timeframe. The level of integration, customization and user experience is colossal. Just think of it as a solid product that can deal with any task a professional level work environment throws at it. No lose ends, no gaps just an all-around professional bundle that has been tested again and again. Sure, there may be haters but they too have written their argument using Word.

System requirement for Microsoft office 2010 free download

  • dual core processor
  • Ram 8 GB
  • Display 1224 * 889 Monitor
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1

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