wtfast crack 2017 Final release {Latest}

WTFast Crack

Gaming online could be far from an action-packed experience when the internet connectivity is improper and keeps losing connectivity every minute. These lags in the game can be a turn-off and reduce the gaming experience. To solve the problem with ping connectivity, the team at WTFast, developed a software tool that can boost signal strength and effectively increase speeds by 70%.  Brought into existence in 2009 by a team of charismatic gamers and software developers, WTFast crack went on to become one of the leaders in game support. They developed advanced online acceleration software that enhanced the gaming experience and took it to a completely new level. Their service is appreciated across the world for its reliability.

wtfast crack 2017 Final release {Latest}

Even with such a reputation, the developers offer the software on a free trial basis for gamers to know the difference between a weaker and a stronger ping, a difference between victory and defeat. Just by signing up on the official website, each user gets a free trial version of the software that is equipped with almost all of the application’s features. The installation is simple and hassle-free throughout. The software can support any online PC game including favorites like Diablo 3 Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, World of Warcraft 2017, etc., Aion Online, Ragnarok Online, etc. With customizable options that can be optimized as per the players need including configured installations, the software is exclusive to the category of gaming utility software.  There is no requirement for any third-party software for WTFast.

Supported File Types

  • The software is available as an executable application file with a .exe extension that can be downloaded directly on PC.

Main Features of wtfast 2017 crack

  • No game data encryption
  • Customized Gaming Proxy Server for TCP and UDP game data
  • Chaining system for end-to-end data control
  • Options for both automatic and manual search for connection to a network
  • Optimized for Game Traffic
  • A responsive customer Support available on email
  • Support for almost all Online PC games
  • Customized Server Ports for multi-server connection support
  • Ability to store user settings
  • Delivers game data to game servers as packets enabling faster response
  • Free trial period for gamers to experiment
  • Easy to use interface

Operating Systems:

  • The tool is available only for 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows XP and higher, including the latest on offer, Windows 10.

Installation Requirements:

  • A minimum of low-end 1 GHz CPU processor speeds is required. Better processors are recommended
  • 100 MB of free RAM is required to run the application, other games might require 4GB of RAM minimum only for running the game lag-free
  • Internet connectivity without interruption 512/128 KBPS Upload/Download speeds minimum
  • Version 9 or better of DirectX Game Support
  • 30 MB of storage of all game files, other games might need around 20GB HDD space

How to install and use:

  • After you sign up/purchase, an installer is downloaded from the official website. Once this gets downloaded, it’ll run the setup wizard for the software
  • Select desired storage options, customizations, settings, etc. and click ‘continue’ to finish the installation wizard.
  • Launch the tool along with a game of your choice.

wtfast crack 2017 Final release {Latest}

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