Videomizer 2.0 Serial Key Crack Portable Final Download

Videomizer 2.0 crack serial key Free

Have you ever been in the situation to find out that the video that you made is not as good as what you had expected? The tonality, the brightness or the focus is just not what you want. What’s worse, it is not likely that you will shoot a new video again. Don’t worry! Here is a software that can help you with all those problems – Videomizer 2.0.

Videomizer 2.0 Key Crack Portable Final Download

It is a software that can help you edit your video effectively, which would make it a lot better. Developed and distributed by Engelmann Media, this software can automatically process the image of the video and make corrections regarding brightness, hue/saturation, contrast, and tonality. If you would like to edit the video yourself, you could also switch to the manual mode to adjust the variables. You can also convert and export your work into any format, including Avi, mpg, and mp4 to name but a few.

There are also many formats presets for iPhone, iPad, Android and PlayStation 3.Due to its excellent performance, it has harvested a lot of users all over the world. It supports more than 10 languages including Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Korean, Turkish, Bahasa Indonesian, and Thai. There is a 3-day trial version and make sure to pay attention to the expired date of the trial version. Otherwise your work may get lost. With continuous improvements and updates, more features will be added to the latest version and more quality services will be provided to users.

Videomizer 2.0 Key Crack Portable Final Download

Key Features:

  • Recognize objects automatically
  • Adjust and optimize brightness, hue/saturation, contrast and sharpness
  • Eliminate unwanted effects including fog and other weather conditions
  • A full set of transformation tools
  • Direct comparisons between the result and the raw material in real time
  • Batch processing mode
  • Manual processing mode
  • Simulator for HDR effect
  • Optimize audio properties
  • Convert the video to many formats
  • Stabilize unsteady videos
  • A user-friendly interface

Main Pros and Cons:


  • This software is easy to understand and use, and no training is needed.
  • You can upload the edited video to Facebook and Youtube directly from this software
  • It can edit several videos simultaneously


  • Although there is a downloadable 3-day trial version with full access to all features, in order to continue to use all of the program’s features, a license must be purchased.
  • Under some occasions, Videomizer 2.0would crash.
  • It does not support AVCHD.

Most common users:

Anyone who is interested in video editing or making and has a personal computer with a Windows operating system can use Videomizer 2. It is especially useful for wedding planning companies because it is much easier to use compared with other products (e.g. Adobe Premiere). It is also useful for those professional video editors because many videos can be processed simultaneously. Although there might not be many complex tools, it is more than enough for a basic touch-up.

Author Note:

Provided with the easy-to-understand interface, Videomizer 2.0 Crack will make video editing more enjoyable! Although under some rare occasions, the software would crash; for a quick fix, it will deliver satisfactory results.

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