UFS Explorer Special Recovery 5.18.1 Crack Serial Key Free

UFS Explorer Special Recovery 5.18.1 Crack Serial Key Free

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 5.18.1 Crack is an application designed entirely for specialists working with data and the process of recovering it. It was specially designed for complex storage system recovery after hardware or software failure and other data loss cases. The application lucratively combines data management functions and low analysis of the data with tools used to bring back data on higher levels. The software best suits data recovery professionals, but it can be used for data recovery from home desktop DAS and NAS systems as well as internal computer RAID storages. The particular version is the sole one among the Explorer collection that permits modification of primary content in the main cache memory.

UFS Explorer Special Recovery 5.18.1 Crack Serial Key Free

It is highly developed which turns the software into a powerful tool appropriate for the most complex process of recovering files. If you decide to use this handy tool, you have the ability to carry out meticulous data examination and perform a complete and utter recovery process of all the data. An implanted RAID-Builder system facilitates the construction of a composition that is called RAID and it works with it at all levels. This language mentioned above that is utilized thanks to this tool allows you to construct a particular configuration as well.

UFS Explorer Special Recovery 5.18.1 License Key

Also, the software allows you to make adjustments to the data that were originally held in the main memory. The function that deals with the managing of files allows for preview of the currently available file system and to recover it. In addition to that, it also provides the option of files search, data analysis, and preview; and the process of identifying it by the file content. For extra ease, the software manages synchronized performance of simultaneous actions.

Features Of Ufs Explorer Special Recovery 5.18.1 Serial Key

  • The software is incredibly user-friendly. Its main functions are divided into some separate units, which are each relevant to particular actions.
  • It allows the access of data (making sure the system is among the supported), including RAID storages, virtual disks, and disk images; not needing a prior scan.
  • It has backed up of both virtual and disk images.
  • It provides recovery of complex RAID storages.
  • There is complete disk encryption support.
  • A disk-on-disk recovery is provided so that the software opens disk image files or virtual disks from a file system.
  • There is comprehensive files recovery that involves a set of tools that provides solutions for most practical data loss cases.
  • Recovery after file system format is included.
  • It provides reliability data analysis and error rectification.
  • There are embedded easy-to-use tools for operations on complex storages.

System Requirements Of UFS Explorer Special Recovery Crack

The standard that is needed to get started:

  • An operating system that is listed below;
  • Free space needed: 20MB;
  • RAM: 1GB;

If you desire a more powerful experience:

  • 64-bit system on some of the below mentioned operating systems
  • Free space needed for storing both the files and the software: 1GB
  • Free space if used for simultaneous recovery of the data: 4GB

Supported Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple Mac OS X: Starting with version 10.7 and up
  • Linux: Debian Linux 6.0 (or compatible) and above.

How To Activate

  1. Download and install software, do not run.
  2. Download “Serial.txt” and use it.

Author Note: With its comprehensive and multi-functional tools, UFS Explorer Special-Recover is your best choice for meticulous analyzing of the date and the recovery process itself.

UFS Explorer Special Recovery 5.18.1 Crack Serial Key Free

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