Samsung Music Player APK For Android

Samsung Music Player apk

Music is the heartbeat of the soul and the only language the deaf understand, so they say. Good music has reunited warring pacts over the decades and its recommended as the best stress reliever. With advance in technology, one can now listen to music from any device. However, the function ability of the application that plays your music can affect its quality and also affect your opinion about what you are listening to.

Samsung Music Player APK is currently the best application that can give you phenomenal experience when listening to music. music player apk.

The Samsung music player apk is currently the best application that can give you a phenomenal experience when listening to music. This application has a fantastic user interface and music play functionality which allows you to listen to songs in high-quality audio technology no other music application provides.

Key Features

  • There is an Advanced playback of different sound formats such as WMA, AAC, FLAC and MP3. With this, you get to listen to all different types of music formats, with no limitations.
  • It has an Improved user interface that is smart, intuitive and makes it easy for one to use the application. You can easily navigate through the taskbars with ease.
  • It is enabled to Interact with Samsung smart devices such as the Tablet and Tv, making it possible for the user to play music on these devices or watch your favourite music videos on Tv.
  • It allows one to arrange songs according to their preferences and categories such as Album, genres, folder, composer and artist. With this arrangement, choosing a specific song to listen to is only a click away instead of the usual shuffling through lists to find a single song.
  • It has a new audio coding that compresses audio without loss in the quality of the audio. This is called FLAC, which stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec.
  • It Enables you to download music and can also listen to your favourite radio station. With an internet connection, you can surfe the web and download a song you like.
  • It has Sound Alive; this is a programme that enables you to listen to crystal clear audio and sound options that fit your tastes and colours. You can actually see how the sound changes when you choose a particular sound colour.
  • It can connect you to social media and chat with friends while you listen to music. This app does not limit you to one activity while using it like most applications.
  • You can discover other devices through DLNA and share music with them.
  • Optimised quick search music files that allow you to browse through all your music until you get one that you want to listen to and it also has a customised background.


  • An Android supported device
  • MIDI, EVRC-B, QCELP, WAV, MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB music file types.
  • Gingerbread vs. 2.3.5 operating system
  • 8GB RAM

Authors’ Note:

If you are an ardent music listener and love high-quality music, then the Samsung music player app is certified to give you a surreal music experience and you will be able to enjoy this feeling wherever you may be.

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