RecFusion 1.3.1 Crack Full Version Serial Key Download

RecFusion 1.3.1 Crack Full Version Serial Key Download

RecFusion 1.3.1 Crack Full Version Serial Key Download

RecFusion crack is an expert scan resolution for 3D scanning systems that utilize more than one depth sensors such as the Asus Xtion Pro Live or the Microsoft Kinect. The software is mainly for professionals and companies who want to create 3D scanning solution. RecFusion keygen enables you can generate 3D models of pets, people, furniture and many other objects. All you have to do is move the sensor around the object, and you can see the replica being constructed on your computer screen in color and in real-time. There is an integrated post-processing function, which prepares your models for publishing on the web and 3D printing.

The generated 3D model can also be exported to the formats STL, OBJ, and PLY. The model can also be uploaded online to the SketchFab 3D model viewing service. Additionally, the program offers post-processing tools for decimating, cleaning and smoothing the 3D model. The dimensions and position of the renovation volume can be attuned before recording. The program also supports Non-cubic rebuilding volume sizes.

RecFusion 1.3.1 Crack is available for free download, but this evaluation version does not support certain features. The full Pro version is available for sale.

RecFusion 1.3.1 Crack Full Version Serial Key Download

Essential Features of RecFusion 1.3.1 Crack

  • The software provides Real-time 3D rebuilding from diverse depth sensors.
  • Users can record multi-sensor sequences for later restoration. This feature comes in handy during events when many people need to be scanned in a short time.
  • The program makes use of the full-color sensor resolution, therefore giving superior colors.
  • There is support for disabling auto-exposure and setting manual exposure for sensors.
  • There is simple one-time calibration of several sensor configurations.
  • The software saves the entire system framework in a workspace. When the workspace is reloaded, the settings are restored so that a scan can be performed
  • There are simple to use scan post-processing operations such as cropping the mesh, adding a socket and filling holes.
  • You can export to accepted mesh formats including VRML, OBJ, STL, and PLY.
  • The program provides a secure user interface.
  • The reconstruction captures not only the shape but also the appearance of the object.
  • You can still rebuild objects even if your PC does not contain a high-speed graphics card. You can only record a succession and recreate it offline on your computer.
  • Users can record the color and depth data for later reconstruction and viewing. This ability allows users to try diverse building settings in the same sequence to attain the best end product.
  • You can reconstruct and record simultaneously.
  • The rebuilding volume can have any feature ratio because the reconstruction volume is not restricted to cubes.
  • Users can clean up the reconstructed model with integrated post-processing tools.
  • Users can seal holes in the mesh to make it appropriate for 3D printing.

System Requirements

  • The software is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista
  • Multi-core CPU of 2 GHz or faster
  • At least 4 GB of RAM
  • Mid-range or higher AMD GPU or NVIDIA with at least 2 GB of graphics memory
  • One USB-controller for each sensor

Author Note:

RecFusion is the ideal 3D scanning tool for professionals. It offers a broad range of features that result in superior results.

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