Puffin web Browser APK For Android

Puffin web Browser APK

Are you tired of your regular browser? Puffin Browser apk is an internet browser worth trying. It is among the best in its category. This browser app for Android allows you to surf the internet easily from any Android phone. This Android browser is the fastest web browser on the Android stage. The speed with which it operates is amazing and extremely convenient. Once you have experienced browsing with this app, you not want to go back to any other browser. The secret to its great speed is that it moves the workload from the resource-limited devices into the cloud servers. This causes the rate of your mobile browsing to accelerate significantly. It also allows the resource is exhausting web pages to run quickly on your tablets or phones. In regular web browsing, Puffin Web Browser Apk can save up to 90 percent of your bandwidth.

Puffin web Browser APK For Android

Puffin features Adobe-Flash-Over-Cloud 24/7. There is no need for you to buy them from the play store nor do you need to obtain any third party Flash app. This web browser is very protected and secured, so you have no need to worry when using it. The information from Puffin app to the Server is encrypted. It is sheltered from close by hackers. You can also use public non-secure Wi-Fi safely, which is known to be dangerous for most of the other browsers.

Key Features

  • Loads web pages and operates at incredible speed
  • Downloads to the cloud
  • Supports Adobe Flash through the cloud
  • Has the most recent Flash Player
  • Contains the top Javascript engine
  • Secured with encrypted server
  • Well-designed virtual gamepad and trackpad
  • Theater mode for Flash games and videos
  • Has ADD-ON function(Evernote, Facebook, Translator, Pocket and more)
  • Supports microphone and camera for Flash-based video conferencing sites
  • Advanced privacy settings
  • Clean browsing history with the Incognito tab

Main Pros and Cons


  • Gives the fastest possible browsing experience through your Android phone because it operates in the cloud.
  • There is a full-screen player option for videos and provide a smoother streaming experience.
  • The app is available for free download. You can get all the great features without spending any money.


  • Users outside of the US experience too many restrictions. Certain videos may not be accessible to users in specific regions, and this can be quite frustrating.
  • The app is completely blocked in geographical locations includingChina, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, to name a few.
  • You have to get the paid version to enjoy the Flash features after two weeks.

Puffin web Browser APK For Android

Most Common Users

Just about anyone can use Puffin Web Browser if they have an Android phone and is looking for a smoother and faster browsing experience. If you are tired of your usual slow browsing, the app provides the convenience of speed.

Author Note: All around, Puffin Browser is the ideal app to have if you own an Android phone. It is well- designed and provides all the features need for an Android user to have the best possible we browsing experience.


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