Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.5 Activator For Windows / Office

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Microsoft Toolkit is an essential program that every person needs who want to perform functions like, managing to license, deploying, and activating Microsoft Windows and Office. You can use the information came out as output from Info console. The information is displayed in a window, and it allows users to manage the functions efficiently. The significant advancement in the latest update is that it can disable the GUI which in result prevents running multiple functions. The benefit of this improvement is that it can remove the probability of duties to conflict with each other. Option to customize features like (AutoKMS Uninstaller) only if AutoKMS installed otherwise auto rearm uninstaller. You can use Office Uninstaller and Key-Checker even Microsoft Office or Windows installed in your system.

Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.5 Activator For Windows / Office

Some features you can avail by using this particular program are described below

  • Now you can use Win32 API to delete and edit in routes without using the hefty procedure of command line.
  • By using WMI setting up DHC and Static IP addresses is easier than setting them with
    command line.
  • It is possible to do LocalHost Bypass when you get a 0xC004F074 error.
  • Support Windows 7, Vista and higher.
  • Best premium toolkit in market developed by Microsoft and it is a solution of all Windows and Office issues.

For Microsoft Office and Windows activation:

Follow the steps below; it’s a guide to using the premium version without spending any
money. It is a cracked version, but it provides the fully functional program.

1- Click on office small icon at the bottom of a screen.
2- It will show up all details about MS Office.
3- Select Activation toolbar
4- Now choose EZ-Activator and after that it will automatically install AutoKMS
5- When the process is finished you can successfully activate your program.

Enjoy Microsoft office 2010 toolkit With Premium Feature