KMSPico 11 Activator Windows & Office 2024 [TeamDaz]

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KMSpico For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 Official Download

KMSPico 11 Activator

The renowned software which is specially designed for activating Windows and Microsoft Office without any keygen and crack supports is known to be the KMSpico. This software is free to use with ease of unlimited features.

The activation of windows and offices is now becoming easier because of different supporting tools. The keygen management server Pico is the source for this purpose. This noted software is developed by the team Daz.

The presence of a KMS server, users can access the permanent license. It is because the licensee automatically renews after a few days. And to keep it permanent users need to connect their system to the internet once 180 days.

Moreover, this tool is 100% free of viruses. You don’t need to worry about any error or system damage due to the installation of this program. Here you will thoroughly learn about the KMSpico software.

Windows & Office 2024 [TeamDaz]

What is the KMSpico?

The tool that can activate your windows and MS offices in the presence of countless elements for free is the KMSpico. It is specially designed for activating windows and Microsoft Office on a permanent basis.

The working way of this software is so easy. It is a great automatic activator that has the ability to activate different versions of Windows for free. This automatic activator can activate the  WPS, Microsoft Windows, Vista, Windows 11, Windows 10, and Microsoft office with the 2010-2016 and office 2019-2022.

Moreover, this software offers free protection from viruses. It means there is no fear of viruses and other threats in case of downloading this software. It is thoroughly safe to use and easier to install. You can simply install this program on your devices by following the simpler mechanism.

In addition this software has the property of super compatibility. This software can work on various devices such as mobile phones, and computers.

Windows & Office 2024 [TeamDaz]

How to use the KMSpico?

Whenever the installation procedure is completed the step that comes is the way of using this program. Mean to activate the windows by using the KMSpico you shall need to know the ways. Following are the specific steps that you can follow.

First of all right click on the My computer and then select the properties from the menu to launch system information. Then check the system windows activation and close it again.

After this open the start menu by clicking on the Windows icon at the taskbar or pressing the keyboards logo key.

At this step, users need to look for the KMSpico in the current part. On completing the tool launch, you will notice the Windows icons appear with only one red button.

Now the user needs to click on that red button and wait for the sound. And on completing the task, users will be notified by sound saying the program is complete. And changing the Windows logos white, you get to know that the activation is completed and succeeded.

After this step, restart your pc and then right click on my computer and open properties. At this step you shall need to scroll down and check the Windows activation status. If it is activated, that means your activation procedure is completed.

And in case of not viewing the activation status, then you shall need to follow the above all steps of activation again properly.

Windows & Office 2024 [TeamDaz]

Windows & Office 2024 [TeamDaz]


KMSPico is a program that comes up with numerous advantages. Let’s talk about the features of this amazing tool.

  1. Activates both windows and MS office

The best part of this program is that you can use this tool both for windows and Microsoft Office products. This tool can activate the windows various versions without taking time. It has the property to activate all versions of offices also.

  1. A simple procedure of activation

The other comfort of this program is the simple activation. The procedure of activating not based on the complicated steps. It can be done easily by following the simple steps.

  1. Virus free

This software is free of viruses and threats. It means you can install this program without any fear of virus’s attacks. You can install this software on your devices without any fear of virus attacks. Because It ensures the proper security for your devices.

  1. Lifetime activation

The other advantage of this program is the lifetime activation. It also has the property to update the activation on time. It gives the license for lifetime activation by giving automatic activation. But for accessing it you need to connect your system to the internet once 180 days.

  1. Multi-Arch supportive

KMSpic’s interesting feature is the multi-Arch support. It supports both products. And for it users can get the license both for the x32-bit and x64-bit versions.

  1. Free to use

The most attractive advantage is that this software is free of charge. You can install and use this software without paying any charges.

 Supported versions of Windows and office

  • Windows

KMSpico supports Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and windows 7.

  • Office

In office support, it includes the versions Office 2021, office 2019, office 2016 and office 2013.

Way of installation    

There are the following steps that you users can take for installation of this software.

  1. Firstly, download the latest version of the KMSpico from the link given below.
  2. Then disable the antivirus and Windows Defender.
  3. After this, extract the KMSpico from the zip file. And then run the KMSpico setup.
  4. You can run the KMSpico from start>program>KMSPico.

So these are the steps that you can take for the installation of the KMSpico software.

Final words

KMSPico tool is the source that provides users best features for the activation of both Windows and office versions. This software is thoroughly free to use and you can run this program easily.

The most accepting feature of this software is the offering of lifetime activation. This software ensures permanent activation by updating it. It is a tool that you can utilize on your devices without any fear of viruses and other harmful elements. Here we discussed all factors that are related to the KMSpico. Hope you like the tool.