iLike Any Data Recovery Pro Key Crack Full Version

iLike Any Data Recovery Pro Key Full Crack

iLike Any Data Recovery Pro Key Crack Full Version

In our day to day life, we usually process significant amounts of data that are critical to our jobs, family or education. This data can be easily lost when the devices that we store it in are stolen, break, we delete them by mistake or the device malfunction therefore throwing our once organized lives into pandemonium, frustration and despair.

Necessary data such as class projects and research works if they get lost can lead to repeating an assignment or even worse, discontinuation from school. In offices work data if lost, can result in one getting fired, losing their homes and their daily bread.

Companies are even set up to help you recover lost data, and they usually charge an arm and a leg for such easy work, which if you have a Personal Computer can install software that will readily and efficiently recover your lost data without having to pay so much.

iLike Any Data Recovery Pro is guaranteed to redeem you from all this is called the iLike Any Data Recovery Pro. This software assures you of safe and reliable recovery of data from aby devices such as your PC, external hard drive, digital camera, phone or music player.

Key Features iLike Any Data Recovery Pro Crack

  • It is user-friendly since the user interface is clean and easy to navigate.
  • It is usually in three easy steps that are: Connecting the device to a PC, Identifying the device, then Ready to Scan. After scanning all contacts, messages, files, photos and videos are listed by category.
  • You can preview the files you want to recover before recovering them so that you can save the important ones and discard those that you do not need.
  • This tool gives a sure way of getting data that you view as important and discarding that which fills the available space in your device.
  • It can recover data from all devices despite the situation that caused you to lose them.
  • Whether you are using a phone, camera, hard disk, digital camera, SD memory card or your music player, lost data can be recovered from these devices and it does not matter is it was lost when the device broke, got lost, or you deleted the data by mistake.
  • It supports a recovery of various data files ranging from documents, videos, music, photos, and archives. All these can be recovered no matter how big or small their sizes are.
  •  It is cheaper compared to other data recovery methods such as companies that charge you for retrieving your data, and their number is growing from day to day.
  • You are assured of a hundred percent data recovery, every single item of data lost is recovered.

iLike Any Data Recovery Pro Key Crack Full Version


⚫Windows 8.1/7 /Vista/XP

⚫Windows Server 2012/2008/2003

⚫Free hard disk space of 100MB

⚫Intel Pentium 4 or later

Data recovery has never been made any easier; there is no need to be a programmer to be able to get back those important files or photos, or pay so much to salvage important data. iLike any data recovery pro has you covered.

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