Chrooma Keyboard Pro Apk Cracked Latest Version

Chrooma Keyboard Pro Apk Cracked Full Version

Chrooma Keyboard Pro Apk is best for you. This is a very fast, lightweight smartphone keyboard application that easily and automatically adapts its color to the color of whatever application you are using it with in order to give you a seamless typing experience. The keyboard is preloaded with lots of emojis to express your feelings when you choose not to type. It has a lot of themes similar to what is obtainable on Google keyboard. It is capable of adding a number row and also build a scale where it is possible to bring down your keyboard’s size by up to 10 percent. Chrooma keyboard pro apk comes in two versions which are the free and pro versions respectively. There are customization limitations with the free versions whereas access to all the features as highlighted below is unrestricted in the paid pro version.

Chrooma Keyboard Pro Apk Cracked Latest Version

Features of Chrooma Keyboard Pro cracked

Here are some of the exciting and latest features this keyboard is preloaded with

  • It supports both standard and INDIC languages which are not less than 60 overall
  • It has abundant and latest Emojis
  • Swipe Typing
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Color picking for applications is customizable
  • Duration of long press is also customizable
  • It can change to night mode
  • Options of color between flat color and gradient palette
  • Keyboard resizeable
  • Optional number row
  • APK size
  • Great improvement in speed
  • Download of Dictionaries
  • Very smart Clipboard
  • Customizable Number layout
  • Smart Punctuation
  • Fixes Bugs
  • Prediction of Neural
  • Brightly colored Navigation bar

Alternatives to Chrooma Keyboard

There are many other smartphone keyboard applications that also claim to be able to do what Chrooma does. Here are some of them

  1. Google Keyboard (also known as Gboard)
  2. SwiftKey
  3. Microsoft Hub Keyboard
  4. Swiftmoji
  5. Minuum
  6. Tenor GIF Keyboard
  7. Swype Keyboard
  8. Fleksy Keyboard
  9. Slash Keyboard
  10. Samsung Keyboard

Of all the above listed keyboard applications, only google keyboard application comes very close to what Chrooma keyboard offers in terms of its features. It is therefore necessary to place these two keyboard applications side by side to determine which one does a thing better.

Chrooma versus Gboard

Gesture Typing

This feature is supported by both applications and it is the most current fad among keyboard applications. With respect to Gboard, gesture typing is supported in the form of text browsing and deletion. A mere swiping on the space bar is all you need for easy browsing while for text deletion, you just need to swipe on the backspace. However, Chrooma seems to be a little advanced here as it adds a little more packaging to this feature. There is the possibility of fast deleting a single word or many words and it comes with further options such as “activate one-handed mode” and “access Google now”

Voice Typing

The in-thing now among applications being developed is the ability of such application to multi-task. Both keyboards surely have the ability to get your work typed or done handsfree. Howbeit, though the two highlighted keyboards employs similar Google voice typing, there is a difference of a sort between how each does so. Chrooma can be tad clunky in which case, it works just like a primitive Gboard. Gboard seems to do it better in this feature as it has been updated to easily switch between speaking and typing modes. With just a tap on the “mic” icon or even any key when you are through speaking, you can seamlessly transist between the modes. This puts Gboard ahead here.

Predictions and Accuracy

It would be difficult to pick straightaway which keyboard does it better between these twos. Both seems to excel at predicting words correctly but if one must be selected above the other, perhaps it would be Chrooma. With Chrooma, as you make attempt to type a word, it quickly pops out and you can see if you are getting it right or not

Instant Search

This feature is available on both keyboards and it enables users to type in their queries so as to get help. Gboard has an in-built button which addresses this and hence, makes it easy for newbies. Chrooma does not have a dedicated button for this feature but the same function can be achieved with the aid of gestures which demands that you first type the word and selecting it before swiping up the spacebars. Where Chrooma may be ahead of Gboard is that it doesn’t require typing and tapping on the icon as does Gboard

GIF and Emoji Search

The two applications in context parade this feature only that for Gboard, as soon as you type in a word, you are provided with as many emojis as match it but Chrooma only brings a bar with the emojis leaving you to make your choice without suggesting any. For this, you may want to rate Gboard a little higher than Chrooma


Although both keyboard applications have customizable themes, yet the comprehensiveness and versatility of Gboard surpass that of Chrooma. With Gboard, you can even choose your own picture as your theme or if you like many of its inbuilt picture themes, you can pick one. However with Chrooma, the only available customizable themes are solid colors.


Unfortunately, Chrooma does not have this feature. Gboard allows for translation of sentences, words or phrases from one language to another. Just imagine if you are chatting on a social media with a French national and you are an American, Gboard allows you to type in English while you send your response to the other person in French. This is no doubt, exciting.

Night Mode

This feature is unique to Chrooma keyboard and absent in Gboard. It has a sensor which detects the intensity of light. If the sensor discovers that the light intensity in your location is low – a condition prevalent at night, it switches to night mode automatically. This feature is of health benefit preventing eye blindness occasioned by excessive exposure of the eye to light. Gboard only depends on the night mode of your phone and it has no capacity for this feature naturally


Again, this is unique to Chrooma keyboard. The importance lies in the fact that once a text is copied, it gets stored in the clipboard. This implies then that if a particular text is continuously being used, it is featured at the top of the clipboard so that it can easily be picked when there is another need for it.

Final Remarks

The productivity offered by Chrooma keyboard pro APK through its gestures and customization features are unarguably second to none. It does come at a price but the benefits it affords far outweighs its price. Imagine how great it is to have a chameleon-like application that seamlessly adapts to every color you present it with. If you are an android phone user, this keyboard is highly recommended.

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